About Us

The Method to Go to the Land of Truth While Living

Who We Are

Meditation Canada is the first meditation school using the Mind Cleansing Method in Canada. We opened our first studio in Vancouver and Toronto in 2001.
With the advent of COVID-19, we started to offer online sessions serving entire Canada.
We use a unique meditation technique which can empty the cluttered false mind. We guide people conveniently all around the country. We always try our best to help you to find original nature and long-lasting happy life.

About the Method

The method to find your true self

3 Simple Steps

Each Level involves three components
    Recall the remembered thoughts and images in my mind.
    Reflect on the picture in order to increase self-awareness. Become aware of your habits and attachments, becoming conscious of who you are from a greater perspective: the Universe.
    Throw away the picture with a guided visualization. Train your brain to know that the illusion is not real and to throw it away from a perspective greater than you: the universe.

Unique Method

Levels of Meditation Method

Part 1 : Discarding Karma (7 levels)
Part 2 :Discarding Habits and Body

Let’s find the eternally living land of Truth in the Universe

From forever ago until 13.8 billion years ago, only the Universe emptiness existed. From 13.8 billion years ago the stars, sun, earth, moon began to exist in thisUniverse.

Before humans were born in this world, when seen from the Universe, the stars, sun, earth, moon had not come into existence. That is why Sakyamuni Buddha said that material things had not been born, ‘No Birth’, and called what eternally does not disappear, the Universe emptiness, ‘No Death.’


People make their own mind’s world by copying the world and think that that world exists. They live being deceived by their own mind of lies and that is why humans are incomplete.

What eternally does not die in this Universe is the infinite emptiness. If you are born again from this emptiness, this place is the land of Truth. This universe emptiness existed from forever ago.

As humans began to exist in this Universe, it was the human mind that began to think that the stars, sun, and moon exist. The human mind is a mind that makes copies of what belongs to the world. That thing is not real but a world of

falseness, which is a picture. All things that exist in this world were birthed by material things. Therefore, when an entity dies, as it has no life, it returns to dirt. If even that dirt does not exist, it returns to the emptiness. That is why humans and all things that are made by material things are a kind of robot which has no life.

If you get rid of the world and the person, which are robots made by the human mind, and go to the Universe emptiness, which is the Truth, which is the source, and are born again, there is no death.



If you are born again as the Body and Mind of the Universe, which is Truth, the world and your self eternally have no death. Do not live inside the human mind and die. Be born again in the Universe, which is Truth, and let’s live forever.