1 on 1 Sessions

1 on 1 sessions are appointed through reservations.

Individual sessions are greatly helpful for anyone who is new to this meditation. Our professional instructors will teach you the method with private consultations.

Group Sessions

Feel free to join anytime and meet other meditators around North America.

Group sessions are organized by set time-table. You don’t have to book an appointment for group sessions but to join freely and meet other meditators around Canada and U.S.

Journal Meditation

Journal Meditation is one of our great programmes that helps people to practice meditation.

Journal Meditation is a newly launched programme for beginners as well as the people with experience which helps people to look back objectively and discard their mind.

Blog Meeting

Learn how to create your own blog and share your ideas with people around the world.

Writing blogs is one of the great ways to organize your ideas and thoughts and keep up with the world trend that is shifting rapidly. Learn how to create your own blog and share it with other people in the community.