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We have been guiding meditation to Canadians since 2001. We offer a variety of meditation classes, workshops, and retreats to help people live happier and healthier lives.

The Method to Go to the Land of
Truth while Living

The Most Joyful News in the World

” If the land of Truth does not exist within you while you are alive, it does not exist when you die.”

For a person to live forever, one must get rid of the incomplete person who is living inside the human mind along with the human mind world. When one is born again in the Universe mind while living, one can live forever.

Unique Method

Mind Cleansing Method

We use a unique meditation technique called Mind Image Releasing method which can empty the cluttered false mind. This method is widely introduced in 40 different countries and over 400,000 meditator have practiced over the world for last 25 years.Β 

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Why Us?

We provides unique meditation technique that can genuinely cleanse the false mind and find Truth within one’s self. Once you find truth within yourself, you can achieve human completion

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Wisdom's Video

Wisdom's Book

World Beyond World

Every human being is given the right to be happy, but nobody has provided a way to achieve happiness. World Beyond World provides the answer. If one understands what the mind is, he is already on the path to the happiness. So what is the mind? How can we first know our mind and then be able to cleanse our mind? Woo Myung has written World Beyond World which is the first book that gives us the answers by defining what the mind is and how we can eliminate all pain and suffering by ridding ourselves of the individual self centered mind

How to Go to and Live in Heaven, Paradise, and the Land of Bliss While Living

#1 Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon, #1 Barnes & Noble, and USA Today bestselling and award winning author Woo Myung presents his latest book, How to Go to and Live in Heaven, Paradise, and the Land of Bliss While Living. Now is the time when we can go to Heaven, Paradise, the Land of Bliss and live eternally while living. From long ago, people have dreamed about happily living life eternally. This is no longer an unattainable dream. Now the era has come for us to have Truth and the Land of Truth within our minds. When your mind becomes Truth and you are born again, you can resolve all your curiosities and achieve all that you wish to achieve. This book enlightens us of our true nature – something that humankind was unable to know. It provides us with a clear and precise resolution regarding the principle of how to find our True mind and be able to live in the True world.

What Our Members Say

I was not a meditation seeker and had no any expectation of positive effects of the meditation. My mom brought me here and I Just considered this will help me to pass the time on boring winter vacation. But this opened me up to a new, broader perspective and broke my old vision which trapped me in limited and fixed thoughts up. The meditation method guided me to the best world ever!
Bomi Shin
This is the "Best" Meditation method I ever came across! Thank you so much to the founders and to the instructors for teaching us such a great method to enjoy the true happiness and peacefulness of our lives. The team also offer many opportunities for us to experience the differences before we can actually decide to register, which I haven't seen else where! I joined recently and meditate everyday and experience the difference in a short period of time. I wish to follow this throughout my life.πŸ€— I strongly suggest you try this method will your full heart to see the change that you wish to see.. πŸ™ My special thanks to Gaby and Don ( Toronto Mediation) Thanks again - Arathy
Arathy Murali
This meditation has helped me so much to feel calmer, less anxious and worried, more confident and happier. Through this meditation, I have also gotten to know myself. I am a kinder person towards others and myself, a more compassionate person and a more caring person. This meditation is truly amazing and I can't imagine my life without it! Thank you to all the meditation guides who really give their all to help others to become happy. I recommend anyone to just give it a try. Real change starts within!
Gaby Adam
I started this meditation 4 four years ago and that's when my life completely changed. Being a dog trainer requires calm and confident mind which I reached regularly meditating. This simple meditation opened a whole new world for me and I am so grateful because now I live my life fully, with no stress or burden. I highly recommend it to everyone!!
Branka Postic

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